To be continued… in Bolivia

if you enjoyed the photos from our trip in Peru then follow us to Bolivia: where we continued three weeks and ended in Uyuni (what might have happened to the little beetle?). 

We are now about to leave South America (shedding a tear or two) and leave from Lima tonight. It will take a few more days to select worthwhile pictures from La Paz onwards through Oruro, Potosi and then on to more flamingos, salt flats and fantastic scenery south of Uyuni. (We shot 4280 pictures and movies worth 33GB in the past five weeks - Ugh!).

"G. Sokrates Justo - Abogado". A lawyer who is just as in lawful, fair and righteous, named Sokrates like the Greek philosopher?. This should be boding us well. Whatever, crossing the border to Bolivia is another story and will be announced here in another blog. 

This is a fine ending for our Peru blog. Thank you so much for having us and for being such a friendly folk deserving to live on such a beautiful place on this planet. Keep it that way. Please.  Don’t develop into highly efficient machines as we did, hurrying through life without even noticing what that is. 

Bye bye Juli - and thanks, we really had a good time here. 

The police watching over the traffic - which is mostly regulating itselt by means of incessant honking. This is beyond drive-by-wire, it is drive-by-acoustics, an art all of it’s own. 

This is half a block further up the road, the modern way of construction. Thank you, Western culture. 

Natural erosion of Adobe walls, the protected bits survive a bit longer. Ecological building and natural removal of debris. Well done. Imagine what a concrete & iron & asbestos (or whatever is used today) wall would take to wither and go away without leaving traces. Well done. More and more this looks like a lot better developed world than the so-called developed countries practice. Wondering what we could learn - if only we would pay attention. But no, we are in a hurry. Sigh. 

But what a wonderful azure sky!

Old women at the market. These wrinkles could tell stories without end, if only we spoke their language. Castellano is not enough, here you would need Aimará.